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Along with the case, Cooler Master also sent over a power supply. They picked the model and wattage but it ended up being perfect for the build. At 650 watts it is enough to handle any single card setup and even some dual card configurations. Being a V series it also is completely modular so in the future, I can replace cables with custom cables if I want and I don’t have to worry about hiding any extra cables even though the Mastercase Make 5t does have more than enough room in the power supply compartment to hide them if needed. This is also an 80 plus gold rated power supply, the higher efficiently falls right in the sweet spot where you get good efficiency at a decent price where Titanium and Platinum rated power supplies are cool but are too expensive to recommend. If I were recommending a power supply for a build this is about where I would be looking though to be fair currently this model is only a good value if you get it with the Rebate that is currently on Newegg. Without that, it’s a little expensive compared to similar models from the competition.

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The power supply comes wrapped up in a felt bag and you get a solid Velcro closed bag for all of your extra cables. They also include screws and a few wire ties and the documentation.

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The V650 is a good looking power supply with its dark but simple caseing. They use gold for the V and white on the 650 but beyond that, the rest of the power supply is basically black. Around the fan, they use a lighter gray but in most builds, this should be facing down against a vent anyhow. I’m glad they don’t use a lot of bright colors that might clash with some builds other than the small amount of gold in the V’s.

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The inside connection area has a 24 pin split into two connections, four accessories (SATA or Molex) plugs, and four 8 pin connections for CPU or PCIe power. The connection types are the same that Cooler Master has been using on their power supplies for years now. The outside facing end has a standard power connection and with it an on and off switch, the rest is covered in exhaust venting for all of the air that the 120mm fan pulls in from the bottom.

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For cables, it comes with a nice selection of all black flexible cables. These are the thin cables that don’t require any sleeving and have no “ketchup and mustard” showing near the connections. It should go well without black and red theme of the build, though I wouldn’t be against adding sleeved red cables later.

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