Mini ITX 270X Photos and Features

So the ITX Gaming 270X isn’t MSIs first Mini-ITX video card. I took a look at their GTX 760 a while back. This is however their first AMD based card. They took the same overall design and just changed the PCB/GPU. That means on the outside if you were to put them next to each other they would look exactly the same. You have the same red and black fan shroud with the glossy dragon on it. It does still share a lot with the Asus Mini-ITX card as well, just like MSI’s original card. Basically they have given AMD fans a Mini-ITX option rather than forcing them to go with Nvidia.

msiitx270 5

msiitx270 7

Even though the design is for a Mini-ITX build, MSI still included the Crossfire bridge should you need or want to use the card in a larger motherboard and run Crossfire.

msiitx270 8

Here is a great look at the overall heatsink design. We can see that they used fins all around the fan, similar to the older Zalman heatsinks. The fins are attached to a plate that covers the entire card to help spread the heat out across the entire heatsink. Also in this photo is the 8 pin power connection. MSI notched the PCB and flipped the power plug around with the clip side toward the PCB to save even more room.

msiitx270 9

On the back side of the ITX Gaming 270X we have a better look at the flat black PCB. We can also see the backplate that MSI installed to strengthen the card and protect the back of the card. This does take up a little more room, but I think it’s well worth it when you don’t have to worry about bumping anything on the back of the card and damaging it. In extremely small builds there isn’t much room to work in and bumping things is a real possibility.

msiitx270 6

MSI left one half of the PCI slot exclusively for ventilation. The other half has a DVI port, HDMI port, and two mini DisplayPorts. I personally would get more use out of two DVI’s and an HDMI, but with DisplayPort slowly gaining popularity it’s not a bad thing that it is an option.

msiitx270 10

With the card in an actual Mini-ITX motherboard we can finally see just how small it really is. The ITX Gaming 270X is the exact same length as the motherboard, so assuming you have the power to push the card and two PCI slots you should be able to fit it in any Mini-ITX case.

msiitx270 11

msiitx270 12

msiitx270 13


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