To get things started, let’s take a look at how all of our components will come to you. Obviously with this build being so small none of the parts are going to be all that large, so shipping isn’t going to be that expensive.

nuc 1

The NUC has that signature Intel blue all over the box. On the front you have a photo of the NUC along with the model number. Beyond that the box looks like a larger version of an Intel CPU box with the architecture up in the top right corner. On the back of the box we get a better view of the NUC with photos of the front and back as well as measurements showing just how small it is. Intel notes on the back that this is a media center in just 4 inches square, I think they know what we are going to do with it!

nuc 6

nuc 7

The first time I opened up the box I was surprised to hear that signature intel sound. As it turns out they slipped in a light sensor that plays the sound every time I see’s light. This made my office feel like an Intel commercial for nearly a week when I had the box open in the room. Every time I would turn on a light I would hear the noise. It doesn’t add to the performance of the NUC but I do think it adds to the experience of opening up your NUC for the first time. Speaking of that, inside the NUC is sitting in a formed tray with the power brick and power cord in their own spots. Up under the NUC you will find the VESA mount and documentation.

nuc 8

nuc 10

The RAM and SSD from Kingston are a little underwhelming for packaging. Both come in clear plastic trays with just a sticker on each showing what model each is. With the mSATA SSD and SO-DIMM being so small there just isn’t much they could do for packaging without really going crazy with it. I’m completely okay with this, it is right to the point and hopefully the performance of each of them will do the talking.

nuc 2

nuc 3

nuc 4

nuc 5

The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard packaging was obviously much larger than the NUC and all of its components put together. The box has a photo of the keyboard, harmony hub, and harmony app all together. Beyond that there isn’t much going on with the cover. Around on the back Logitech has photos of the hub, keyboard, and app again but this time with details on how all three work together to help answer any questions before you pick it up.

logi 1

logi 2

Inside the box right on top is the keyboard. There are small tabs on each side to help you pull the keyboard tray out of the box to get to the rest of the goodies. The Harmony Hub is sitting in its own cubby hole in the formed tray. Over on the other side are the instructions with the cords underneath. Then in the middle both USB dongles have their spots as well.

logi 3

logi 4

For documentation you get a setup guide and then a small pamphlet with safety, compliance, and warranty information inside.

logi 5


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