The Build

With the parts in hand we set of on our little adventure. The person that he bought his PC from didn’t know how to wire it. From the looks of things he probably built it in under five minutes. Wires, cables and unnecessary junk was all over the place. You could easily tell that this was just thrown together on some drunken night. I have never seen something that was this bad. Not only is this bad to look at but the cooling will also suffer. Once I had ripped out all of the old components it was time to do some tidy work. Installing new motherboard standoffs was first in line. It was missing a few of them from the last build. Not only does this put more stress on the board when installing parts it could also lead to shorting out the board. Once the standoffs were installed it was time to get all of the years of dust out. It really is pretty crazy how much dust can accumulate inside of a case. Once the case was throughly cleaned out, we started out installing all of the parts on the work bench. This will make life so much easier when you put the motherboard into the case.

IMG 2060                                                                                                               What a wreck!!!

With the CPU, RAM and CPU cooler installed on the board it was time to drop it into it’s new home. Once we had the board screwed down to the standoffs we could go on with installing the GPU’s, optical drive. SSD and HDD. With all of those installed we moved on to routing cables along the backside of the motherboard tray. As I have always said “less is more” and it holds true with PC builds. Rout your cables so most of them can’t be seen. This will really clean up the inside of the case and aid in airflow over your heat inducing components. With every part installed it was that magic time to push the button and see if all of our hard work had payed off. You have to love the sound that the motherboard makes on startup. The iconic “Beep” that some of them make was music to my ears.

IMG 2036
                                                                                                         Letting Matt do all the work

IMG 2041
                                                                                                         CPU and heatsink installed
IMG 2051
                                                                                                                      RAM is in

IMG 2056
                                                                                                Board ready for it's new clean home
IMG 2062
                                                                                            One GPU installed, finishing up the wiring

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #20930 16 Nov 2011 16:34
Todays write-up :)
Myndmelt's Avatar
Myndmelt replied the topic: #20931 16 Nov 2011 18:25
Nice build. I like the 4 monitors stand, even though that part wasn't new. How can I get an over-sized LanOC mousepad like that?

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