Vizo Starlet Cable Binding Kit

100_1736-lanocsmCables suck. They're stubborn, thick, restrictive, and unattractive. While there have been countless attempts to try and eliminate the inconvenience, the cruel truth is that in our current generation, cords are a necessity. Even when wireless capabilites are available, a conflict of speed enters the equation. Bottom-line is they're not going away, so Vizo has come up with a way to help make cables a little more livable, and look good while doing it. Today we take a look at the Starlet Cable Binding kit.

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img_3381-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallIt's nice to see a company grow and come out with new and exciting products.  The Osmanium Candy Company launched Crackheads2 on October 17th, 2008 and Jitterbeans on November 3rd, 2008 according to their blog. I will be reviewing these two products today.

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Cosmos S Mods Part 2 - Fan upgrade

img_3329-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallThis past December I walked everyone through a few small mods that I did to our Cosmos S to help it stand out. The window and lighting really made the case look amazing. I did have some issues with the fans with vibration and overall noise. Infact it got so bad that I had to unplug most of them. Because of that I was on the market for replacement fans. I have reviewed a few fans in the past so my decision was hard, adding to that was the problem of my favorite fans running $20+. When you’re looking at 5 or 6 fans that adds up quickly. In the end, I decided to go with Noctua fans considering the amazing performance of them in the past. After working out a deal with Noctua, the next thing I know I had a box full of fans on my doorstep. Will they be an improvement?

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Happy new year

I hope everyone has a great time. Please stay safe!

eStarling ImpactV digital photo frame

I was recently shopping for a new camera, while I was at the store I noticed that most stores don't even sell film camera's anymore. It has gotten to the point that Most Wal-Mart's don't even deal with film development anymore, they just mail it out. What this means is that everyone, even non-tech savvy people have or will be switching over to digital cameras. Because of this, we have countless new options that weren't possible before. Things like modifying your photos, printing your own, and recently digital photo frames. I personally have almost 12 thousand digital photos that I have taken in the past 7 years. A company by the name of eStarling has been making a name of not only producing digital photo frames, but connecting them through wireless and making it easy to add photos and videos. Today we are going to take a look at their most recent model the ImpactV.

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SumoSac Sultan

When I play video games, I do it as an outlet or a way to calm down. The same goes for watching movies, after a long day at work it is nice to be able to kick back and relax doing something you enjoy. When I was a kid, the best way I could kick back was in a beanbag chair. Well at least 20 years later I have grown to be a very large guy. A standard beanbag isn't large enough for me, and frankly wouldn't hold up to my weight. Sumo produces a variety of quality products designed to handle the abuse of adults. In the case of their SumoSac's they make a variety of sizes for different people. Today we are going to look at the Sultan; the Sultan is the 2 largest model that Sumo produces.

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HardBody PRO 160 Disc CD Case

In the past with DVD’s, CD’s, BluRays, and any other kind of disc you have to worry about finding a case to hold your discs while traveling. I have always found that case logic cases protected your discs from scratched well but lacked style. When looking for a case with a little style I had trouble finding one that was made with good quality and protected my discs. When our lan sponsor Slappa sent us out a few things to review I was very excited too see that they included one of there HardBody CD cases. It worked out that by the time I found time to take a close look at this case I was packing up for ShowDown Lan and needed a quality case to carry my game and system discs. This was perfect chance to put the case through its paces while saving room in an already full car. Please read on to find out how the case performed.

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The widespread use of laptops in today’s on the go lifestyle has accelerated the use of external storage due to the smaller hard drive space in laptops. With a lot of homes having more than one computer, you now have people looking for easy ways to share there files between computers. Most of the time this means you are unplugging your external and plugging it into other computers. TRITTON has produced the USB Sharenet for people who have this problem. Considering in our household we have 4 people online and sharing files at any given time this product is perfect for us, if it works the way its described. Click to find out how it worked for us.

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VIZO UFO 4 port USB Hub

Having been looking for a powered USB hug to replace the junk one that came with our rock band kit I’ve learned two things. One, it’s hard to find any one hub that people can recommend. It seems the quality of almost every hub is hit or miss at best. Two it’s hard to find one that stands out. VIZO has been kind enough to send one of their “UFO” USB hubs along with a power kit. Let’s find out how they perform.


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Evo-G Mouse Bungee

When Evo-G told me they would be sending a mouse bungee for review my mind was racing picturing things like how you would strap the little guy in, how high in the air would he be jumping from, and where I am going to get a live mouse. After my little day dream I realized that it was a product to keep your mouse cord from getting tangled with anything else on your desk. How did they know my desk is always a mess? Click to find out how it worked out for me.

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Bawls g33k b33r

If you haven’t tried Original Bawls it’s about time you did. Actually it’s crazy that I have to say original, it wasn’t that long that they had one flavor. Now they have sugar free original, Bawls Cherry and their newest drink G33k B33r. Today we will be checking out the G33k B33r the first ever high caffeine root beer. Click to read more

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Power Squid Surge3000 Calamari Edition

If I were Rob Gordon (John Cusack) in the movie High Fidelity and I was making a top 10 list of things that aggravate me. It would include power strip “warts”. If you don’t know what a wart is, it’s one of those power bricks that you can never find a way to plug into a power strip without losing at least 2 spots. Almost every power strip sold now has their own way of fixing this problem. Most of them have one plug for a “wart”. Me being the gaming dork that I am; in my old school console gaming area I have a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, a stereo, my TV, our cordless phone, and a battery charger. Of those six devices four of them have power bricks. Not even small bricks, some of them are almost 3 inches long! Obviously a normal 6 plug power strip isn’t going to cut it. Not to mention I would like to keep my old Nintendo for many years to come, I’m going to need a good surge protector. This leads us to the Power squid; namely there top of the line Surge3000 Calamari Edition. Click to find out how it worked out for us.

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VIZO’s Cold Cathode's

In the word of gaming and Lan Partys, it’s about more than who is the best player. It’s also about showing off your rig. People spend months getting their computers setup looking sharp so people can drool over them online and in person. One of the many ways to do this is to add lighting to the inside of your case. Cold cathode lighting is one of the best ways to do this. There are many different brands, sizes, and colors to choose from. VIZO has provided us with a set of their blue 12 inch cold cathode lights to review today.

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Vizo Master Panel II

How many products can have a slogan of “No need to go the Back… Do it in the Front!!”? That alone is enough to get my attention, but I’m also a little bit of a perv. Vizo has provided the second iteration of their Master Panel. It’s designed to bring all of your normal usable ports to the front of the case. This could be perfect for people who have their plugs on top of their case. Read more after the jump.

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Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray

You get home after a long day at work. All you want to do is play from games and hang out with your buddies. The problem is you’re pooped, and frankly your breath stinks. You’re in no shape to have people over, let alone play any high paced games. That’s where primer comes in. A refreshing breath spray with 33mg’s of caffeine per spray you will be ready to frag in no time. We got our hands on a few samples of Primer; see what everyone thought after the jump.


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