Normally I have the chance to check out the full retail packaging of a product, but sometimes they come in ahead of their launch and there isn’t packaging at all or in this case we do have the box but it has the white box treatment because it is a preproduction sample. So I can see that the EverFrost Power Cooler 40 does come in a well-protected box even given its size. But we have no idea what the packaging will look like in the future.

image 20

When you dive into the box inside the cooler comes wrapped in plastic and it has foam in all four corners to keep it from moving around and protect it from damage in shipping. The outer box itself also came inside a second brown box to double up on the cardboard. Our sample didn’t come with the instruction manual but inside of the box, Anker did have the included accessory cables which all came tucked away in cutouts in the foam. The cooler's battery is shipping installed in the cooler itself which gives it a few extra layers of protection to prevent any major damage to it.

image 21

image 22



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