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As someone who works from their desktop almost all of the time, when I travel and am limited just to the 13-inch display on my laptop it takes a lot of adjustment. Years ago I would drag around an obnoxiously large 18.4-inch gaming laptop but it didn’t take long to figure out that dragging that around was too much. Adding in a compact display like the Philips 16B1P3300 can be a nice middle ground. You have your smaller compact laptop for smaller trips but when you think you will need the additional real estate you have the 16B1P3300 with its 15.6-inch display. With HDMI and Type-C connection options you have some flexibility and it can even work with some phones if you want to see what is on your phone display on a much larger display. The display itself worked well, especially when you can turn on HDR and the IPS screen didn’t have any trouble when looking at it from extreme angles.

Philips bundles the 16B1P3300 with its own carrying case which is nice to help protect it from damage. The 16B1P3300 has a solid construction, especially the base which has all of the connections in it and additional weight to keep it stable and from falling over. Of course, that extra weight does mean that you will have to carry it around and when combined with your laptop it can quickly add up. This is especially true once you add in the power supply as well which in my opinion is way too large. You do have the option of powering the 16B1P3300 through the Type-C connection which means you can use a phone charger. But if you can’t do that you will have to also find room for the large power brick which is a big downside.

For pricing, Philips has the MSRP of the 16B1P3300 set at $249.99 and frankly, the portable monitor market has a wide range. There are a few options that are a lot cheaper but then there are also similarly optioned displays up to over $300 as well. The Philips 16B1P3300 falls in the middle of the pack there and its build quality is a lot better than any of the cheaper options. Overall, the 16B1P3300 isn’t a bad option if you plan on powering it through its Type-C connection but the large power supply would put me off if I wasn’t so it depends on how you plan on using it on if it is a good option for you.



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