The box for the Nebula Capsule has a white background on the front and they have used their red color as trim with a metallic finish on it for the Nebula branding which is up in the top left corner and small. The red is also used for the “Bright Image Powerful Sound” text which is the biggest font on the box. They also have a picture of the Capsule on the front as well as a picture of a family using it to project on a screen white camping down at the bottom. On the right side of the box, they have a picture of the Capsule in someone’s hand which gives you a better idea of the size and they mention its 360-degree speaker. The back has another camping picture, this time with just a couple together. The back of the box also has a short specification listing and a few of the key features are highlighted. They also let you know what is in the box here. Then the left side of the box shows off it's Android 7.1 operating system or Nougat which would have been good to see back when this launched but now just dates the Capsule because 7.1 came out back in 2016.

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Once you take the plastic wrap off and cut the seal on the back the box for the Capsule has a lid that wraps around so when you open it up you have a large photo on the left and you can see it in the box on the right. The picture is another picture of a family outside using the Capsule. The box side has a layer filled with all of the documentation on top then under that, you have the Capsule sitting in its foam home which has a cutout shaped to fit it, and a small box below that with all of the accessories.

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For documentation, the Capsule has three things. Like with other Anker products you get a small card that asked if you are happy with your purchase asking you to post up a review or to contact them with issues. You get a quick start guide. Then the Capsule-shaped book unfolds and has more on the story behind the Capsule along with cool pictures of the inside.

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