Well when I told Corsair what I was looking to do they didn’t just send over the iCUE LT100 and the iCUE LS100 they also included the expansion packs which for the TL100 is just one extra kit but the LS100 has long and short kits which are needed to create the same set the LS100 base kit gets you. So we have five boxes and you can see that Corsair stuck with their normal theme of a black background and the yellow trim. Then all of the kits have a picture of what is inside on the front which is nice and the model name in a large font down at the bottom. The difference between the starter kits and the expansion kits is a little harder to spot though with it being the yellow or grey bar down at the bottom. Around on the back, all of the LS100’s have a picture of monitors on a wall to show how the kit works for backlighting and the LT100’s have more pictures of the towers including a headphone hanger. The back of each box has a shortlist of features that Corsair repeats in multiple languages as well.

image 1
image 2

So here is what you get when you pull the tops off the two LT100 boxes. There is yellow everywhere and everything is held in place with folded cardboard which has a cutout for the tower bases. The center is open with the towers tucked down inside and then with the starter kit you get a box which has the cables and power brick. When you pull everything out, each component is wrapped in plastic to keep it from getting scuffed up at all and the cables, as well as the headphone stand, are bagged up. The starter kit comes with a warranty guide and a user manual as well.

image 3
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The LS10 Starter Kit and Expansion kits also have yellow trays holding everything. The starter kit has a black box in the middle with the lighting controller featured in the middle. Up under the yellow cover, they have the four lighting strips and the cables as well as the warranty paperwork and user manual of course. The expansion packs are a little smaller. The 450mm kit comes in a box close to the same size as the starter kit to fit the long strips but then the 250mm kit is a much smaller box. Each lighting strip comes wrapped up in plastic. You also get two small bags with additional mounts and the metal mounting plates that come with double-sided sticky tape attached.

image 21
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