For performance testing, I spent time using the OPSeat Master Series myself to get a feel for it but left the long term testing to my wife. I did this because I’m a big guy and long term impressions of the chair wouldn’t really be fair to the chair or anyone looking for information on how it performed if my frame was bigger than the chair base. So my initial impressions of the chair weren’t far off from the Arozzi that I recently covered and that is because the OPSeat is a lot like the other chairs on the market. Even at my size, I was able to fit in the chair and be comfortable something I can’t do in most of the average sized gaming chairs. The seat seems to be a little on the large size and they did a good job with padding in the right places as well. The bottom of the chair has the thickest padding of course.

image 28

The picture below is the side bolsters on the bottom. These also have decent padding, but less than the rest of the base. Padding here is really important because there are steel bars in each support, without padding they would start to dig into the side of your legs.

image 29

The photo below is the armrest padding. I’ve had people in the past ask about just how much padding armrests have on gaming chairs. It's not as much padding as a couch or lazy boy but you do get a little. Putting your arm up on it is still comfortable, even if you dig your elbow into it.

image 30

The seat fit my wife especially well and the pillow height fit the back of her head where it landed closer to my neck. She tossed the lumbar support as well right away but kept the pillow for all of her testing. The chair ended up being extremely comfortable, even in long term use. She did have to adjust back to not sitting in her chair Indian style, the side supports and average frame size prevented that. Even in extended gaming sessions though she didn’t have any discomfort, numbness, or issues with the chair.

image 39

image 40

I hate to continue to say it, but the OPSeat is in line with all of the other racing gaming chairs as far as fit, comfort, and even construction goes. We had an issue early where the chair didn’t want to tilt back and the adjustment knob on the bottom didn’t fix it. OPSeat sent out a replacement part and it corrected the issue. Of all of the chairs I’ve tested, it was the first time I’ve had that issue and they seemed just as surprised as well. The fake leather finish had all of the same pros and cons. It doesn’t breath very well so if you get hot you might stick to the chair but it is also cleanable, unlike a standard fabric chair material.


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