Overall and Final Verdict

So far the Arozzi Mezzo has held up good in our testing. It is very comfortable, even when my parents visited while in the middle of testing out the chair I thought they were going to try to take it home with them. They specifically mentioned how much better it was for their backs compared to the run of the mill office chairs that they have. The adjustments are nice, especially the seat back tilt functionality and it is very comfortable. With the steel frame, the chair should hold up well over time.

I was a little bummed that Arozzi doesn’t have many options for bigger guys like me, finding a quality chair is especially hard as a big guy. I would also like to see more material options in the future. Beyond that my only real complaint about the chair was with the embroidery being tilted on both the pillow and headrest. Also, the lumbar support was just too thick and hard for me and my wife, I wish some of the chair manufacturers would offer one about half as thick.

Overall the Mezzo ends up being very similar to chairs like the F series from DXRacer. This isn’t a bad thing, though, this is a popular seat. So if you have ever tested out any of the other gaming chairs in this price range, the Mezzo is going to be similar. It will really come down to brand preference, availability, and if you prefer the dual strip styling over any of the other designs. I mention availability because that has been an issue in the past with other brands, this is a growing market and it shows sometimes with low availability, especially in the key buying times like black Friday, tax time, and on my birthday.

There is also the price of course and I listed this as a pro but I do want to explain why. With an MSRP of $329, I wouldn’t really consider the chair to be a big value, hell for a lot of people that might be the only big purchase they make all year long. But I was happy that Arozzi was able to keep the Mezzo in line with the pricing of similar models. This is also including free shipping as well and I’m sure the shipping costs for a 60-pound box like that aren’t cheap, so that adds a significant cost to it all. All in all, if you are on the market for a gaming chair, the Mezzo has all of the same features and performance, I would at least give it a look before picking out the chair you want to go with.


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Chairs! Took a look at the Mezzo from Arozzi

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