For testing, we have had the Mezzo in the office for about a month and a half so we have had a good chance to check it out. Because I am a big guy that is without a doubt over the official capacity of the Mezzo I split the testing with my wife. This way I was able to get a feel for the chair but I have a second point of view from someone who better fits the target audience of this model. As you can see in the photos below she fits perfectly in the chair. Setting the arm rests to their highest setting fit her best but you can see right away that the lumbar support was messing with her. We went ahead and sat it aside, both of us hate the lumbar pillows that gaming chairs provide, they are way too thick.

image 3

image 4

When I was taking photos our cat Copper just had to get involved as well, he seems to like the chair as well. In fact, when it isn’t in use he has been the first to jump up in it and sleep in it. So while I wouldn’t really mix claws and the seat material, it is cat approved.

image 5

All joking aside, we spent a lot of time using the Mezzo and getting a feel for it. The overall construction is solid with the thick steel frame. The seat padding is good and comparable to the DXRacer F series if you have ever tried one of those out. Please keep in mind, this type of chair does have side supports on the bottom seat and near your lower back. They are there in real race seats to keep you from sliding around in the turns, as a big guy they limit the use of gaming seats more to larger framed models but they do give you a solid in your seat feeling when you fit the seat properly. Be sure to check the measurements on Arozzi’s website before picking up a chair to be completely sure.

It interesting just how much more comfortable the racing style of seats are compared to a traditional chair, specifically cheap office chairs. Part of it’s the solid construction, but I think it’s also because the side bolstering kind of just fits around you and you feel like you sink into the chair. The head rest is almost a requirement, it is really soft and comfortable, you can easily lean back and fall asleep. Without it though there is less padding in the top area and you will find it hard to get comfortable when leaning back.


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Chairs! Took a look at the Mezzo from Arozzi

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