Packaging and Assembly

If you have never had an office chair, especially a gaming chair, shipped you might not know just how big and heavy it all is. It's just a chair right? Well, the Mezzo comes in this big box and weighs 60 pounds, so be ready to get a dirty look from your UPS guy/girl and be ready to bring it in.

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Once you get the box opened up you will find that they have foam in between each layer to keep things from being damaged and even before you get everything out of the box the instructions are right near the top. They come with another paper with safety instructions on them and they break down the steps with line drawings. They also include a list of everything that should be included.

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I pulled everything out of the box, pulled the plastic bags off of everything and made sure I had everything using the list in the instructions. On top of the components, Arozzi includes an allen wrench and a pair of white gloves. This might be the first time I’ve ever gotten anything in with white gloves, but it’s a nice touch if you don’t want to get fingerprints all over the chair. One thing I noticed is that the arm rests did come pre-installed, this isn’t always the case and is nice because it should save us a little time.

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I started off by building out the base of the chair. You do this by pushing all of the wheels into the star shaped base. They are a little hard to get in, but once they start they pop right in. You also drop the hydraulic piston right into the center hole. You don’t need to press it in or anything and this part requires no tools. I did notice that the plastic sleeve that goes over the piston came in a little banged up, but it wasn’t bad enough for me to really worry about. The busted area will be up against the bottom of the chair anyhow. 

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So like I said the armrests come pre-installed so the only thing I needed to do before putting the chair on the base was to install the leaning mechanism. The bolts for this are pre-attached to the bottom half of the chair, so you will need to remove them first. Then from there you line up the mechanism with the tilt knob facing the front and bolt the four bolts down tightly.

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The bottom half of the chair then just sits right on top of the base. The piston goes in the hole in the bottom and is press fit so you don’t have to bolt anything.

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At this point we are in the home stretch, you just have to attach the seat back to the rest of the chair. This attaches with four bolts, two on each side. Now be sure that you don’t touch the lean mechanism before you get the back installed. It is spring loaded and without having the back attached it will be hard to get it far enough back to easily install the back. Anyhow you just line up the bolts to the brackets on each side and tighten it all down. Lastly, you have to pop the plastic covers on. They attach to the two bolts and also down on the base of the chair, a bump with the palm of your hand should do it.

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Chairs! Took a look at the Mezzo from Arozzi

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