So is the Netis AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Adapter the wireless adapter to get? Well in the past we have also taken a look at a similar model from Asus. The main difference though is with the external antennas attached to this model. This made a clear difference in overall reception and range. This does make the adapter big and bulky though, I wouldn’t consider packing this along with my laptop but the Asus model I wouldn’t have a problem with keeping it in my bag on the off chance I want to get better reception. That said the pro’s are much better than that single con. The wireless performance was as fast and sometimes even faster than running wired. I don’t think running a house full of wireless AC devices is a replacement for a wired household, but if you have one or two PCs that are hard to reach is still a perfect option for those devices. The software was very simple, but this isn’t a con in my opinion because I was able to get right to the point. The other awesome feature is the ability to actually use this adapter as an access point should you need one. In fact there is a good chance I might toy with running this adapter right on our PFSense router to get Wireless AC up and running in the office, that is assuming I can get it to work. Netis does support Linux with this adapter, so I have high hopes!

So is this a good buy? Well I think if you want the AC1200 adapter for a PC then this is a great option. The size is a limitation for laptops though. What really impressed me was the pricepoint though. You can currently pick this exact model up for just under $30 and at that price I don’t think you can go wrong!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36590 08 Apr 2015 17:38
I hope everyone has been staying dry, I know for us spring is here and it is very wet. Today I take a look at a well priced Wireless AC USB 3.0 adapter from Netis, check it out

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