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So the King Series and specifically the KC91/NB that I took a look at today are a nice progression from what DXRacer has done in the past. One of the best features about the M-Series that I previously covered was it being a gaming themed chair designed to handle larger frames. Well the K-Series of chairs upped the weight limit even more and added a little more of an aggressive design compared to the M and U Series’. This is more in line with the other chairs that have made DXRacer so popular like the F-Series. The KC91/NB is extremely comfortable, even when using the chair day in and day out like I typically do. The downside to working from home is that I spend my day working in one chair and then my night gaming in the same chair. This puts a major strain on even the best chairs. To add to the comfort, the KC91/NB’s adjustable seatback is a major plus when compared to standard office chairs, they just don’t offer features like that.

DXRacer dropping the lock on their wheels was also great to see, and a sign that they are listening to customer and reviewer feedback. In fact of the four cons I put on the M-Series review, three out of the four were not an issue this time around. This left me complaining about relatively smaller issues like the small head pillow that was included this time around. Hopefully they consider swapping to the same large pillow that comes with the M-Series, until then I might just have to pick one up off their website. I’m really happy that they added a few more fabric chair options as well although I do wish there was an option with the nicer fully adjustable armrests of some of the other K-Series models. Beyond that I had to put down availability as a con, DXRacer has been blowing up and that kind of growth takes time to adjust too. They are selling their seats the second they come in. They do let you pre-order all of the chairs that they have coming in soon though so it is easy to see what will be available soon.

So are the new K-Series chairs for you? Well if you are smaller I think one of the smaller models like the F-Series would be a better way to go. You will get the same features for about $100 less. I was going to put the price of the K-Series chairs down as a con but after giving it a little thought I’m not going too. Without a doubt this is a big investment, but I have been on the market looking at chairs with higher weight capacities and there just aren’t a lot of options. What you do end up finding is priced just under the K-Series, but you are getting basic boring office chairs. DXRacer is offering up something unique at a price that is in line with the market.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36061 30 Dec 2014 16:42
So with this week being new years I am posting our mid week review up a little early because I will have a look back on 2014 on the first. Today I take a look at the King Series office chair from DXRacer, their latest and greatest.
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cytog64 replied the topic: #38258 07 Dec 2016 15:41
After getting to test out this brand at LAN OC and try a few competitors at Dreamhack I went ahead and purchased an Iron Series office/gaming chair. I went with Green as it matches my Razer Blade.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38259 08 Dec 2016 08:22
Looking forward to hearing how it works for you. Did you get the bean bag as well?
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cytog64 replied the topic: #38260 08 Dec 2016 16:04
yes, hoping the sultan sumo arrives today...i need to get to work on PS4 - FF15 and this is my preferred console setup

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