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So now that we have everything together we can take a better look at the chair and see what sets the King Series apart from DXRacers other lines and also what makes the KC91/NB a little different than most of the other King Series chairs as well. To start off, lets break down where the King Series chairs fall in the DXRacer product line. They recently changed their website around a little breaking up the classifications a little more. In the past we have taken a look at the F Series console gaming chair and the M Series executive office chair and then at our last LAN we gave away two of the F Series PC gaming chairs. The Console gaming chairs are designed for use in your living room or your gaming room. The other two types of chairs are both for office use but the PC gaming chairs have a more aggressive design that to be frank grips your bottom more like a race cars seat where the executive office chairs like the M Series have a more traditional seat area. The K Series is large like the M and U Series’, but has the aggressive design of the smaller PC gaming chairs. Additionally it has a higher load rating of up to 400 pounds for big guys like me.

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So what sets a racing style seat like this apart from your standard office chair? Well beyond the styling a lot of these chairs including the K Series have a seat adjustment that is completely logical but missing from almost all office chairs. Just behind the right arm rest there is a lever, when pulled you can adjust the seatback angle of your chair, just like in your car. It actually seems a little crazy to me that we haven’t seen this more in the past because when I’m in the car if the back of my driver seat is even slightly off I will notice and fight with it until I get it perfect. We have other adjustments available as well like a standard gas height adjusting cylinder to set the chair height although honestly the lowest setting is a little on the high side. The adjuster for that is on the right side. On the left side is a lock that will lock your chairs angle. So you can lock it in vertically or if you want to lean back more you can even lock it in place leaning back or anywhere in between. If you leave it unlocked you can adjust the knob on the bottom of the chair to set the spring tension on how much effort it takes to lean back.  

So I mentioned before that the KC91/NB that we are covering here today is a little different than the majority of the King Series chairs. Well on of the two reasons for this is in its armrests. The other King Series chairs have four way adjustable armrests where the KC91/NB’s armrests are solid. This is because this is a slightly more affordable model, cutting out that adjustability helps with that. In fact you get the same armrests that I saw with the F Series console chair. That does mean we have that weird mold quirk on the underside of the armrest as well, unscrewing the top pad and flipping it around will fix it if you run into it.

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The other thing that sets the KC91/NB apart is with its material. You see most of the K Series models are covered in a PVC based material. With this model, they went with a more standard fabric. This is actually why we went with this specific model, with our cats my wife has had problems with her past leather chairs getting claw marks in them. With fabric if the cats claw at all it doesn’t leave the holes that you get on leather and fake leather. The black in this case has a little texture to it and the blue is a little smoother. The blue however has small rubber dots all over it.

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Unlike the M Series the K Series kept the same seatbelt holes that the smaller chairs also have. This is actually just a holdover from where these chairs originally came from. In the past people would take actual car racing seats and turn them into office chairs. The real raising chairs have the two holes in the back for you to be able to have a five point racing harness. DXRacer still puts them to use though, the headrest attaches here.

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To spice things up the chair does have a few details on the fabric. For starters they have embroidered the DXRacer logo on the back of the headrest area. The same logo is also on the front of the chair bottom. Then down in the chair bottom they slipped in a King tag to show that this is a K Series chair.

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So just like the other DXRacer chairs you do get two pillows along with the chair. One is the lumbar pillow and the second is a small headrest pillow. Unlike the M-Series for this model they send a smaller headrest, this seems a little crazy to me with this being their flagship chair. What you get is the same small pillow that comes with the F-Series chairs. I would happily give up the lumbar pillow that never gets used to get the larger head pillow. They do sell the larger pillow on their accessories page though. So the head pillow can wrap around the outside of the top of the chair if you need it to be up high and if you need it lower you can use the included clip to strap it into the 5-point harness holes. The lumbar pillow is a little more complicated, it has two long straps, you have to run the strap down between the top and bottom pieces of the chair and through the 5-point harness holes. Once strapped down the lumbar pillow does slide up and down for you to set your preferred height.

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So DXRacer says this chair is rated for 400 pounds where the M-Series is rated at 330. So what is different? On the underside of the chair if you look closely you can see the change. Both chairs have the same support beams but for the K-Series each of the supports are made of a U shaped material where the M-Series just had flat metal supports. The U shape adds additional strength. The base of the chair is unchanged because the all metal base is strong as is. For wheels DXRacer dropped the locking wheels this time around but still went with a large wheel design that should roll perfectly on any surface. Without the locks I shouldn’t have to worry about getting locked in place under my desk like I had happen with the M Series.

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #36061 30 Dec 2014 16:42
So with this week being new years I am posting our mid week review up a little early because I will have a look back on 2014 on the first. Today I take a look at the King Series office chair from DXRacer, their latest and greatest.
cytog64's Avatar
cytog64 replied the topic: #38258 07 Dec 2016 15:41
After getting to test out this brand at LAN OC and try a few competitors at Dreamhack I went ahead and purchased an Iron Series office/gaming chair. I went with Green as it matches my Razer Blade.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38259 08 Dec 2016 08:22
Looking forward to hearing how it works for you. Did you get the bean bag as well?
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cytog64 replied the topic: #38260 08 Dec 2016 16:04
yes, hoping the sultan sumo arrives today...i need to get to work on PS4 - FF15 and this is my preferred console setup

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