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Beyond the physical cleaning up your PC and peripherals, when doing your spring/summer cleaning it's not a bad time to sit down and do a little digital cleaning as well. The first thing you want to do is open up your programs listing and uninstall anything you just don’t use anymore along with programs that may have installed along side of other programs. Over a years’ time, you are bound to change how you use your computer and collect a few one-off programs that you needed just for one project. If you are running an SSD uninstalling programs might even speed things up, the more room it has for TRIM the better.

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Next, you want to update the programs you do use. Take a trip over to and install all of the runtimes that you use. While you are there you can make sure you have an antivirus and also if you use Dropbox install that as well. For whatever reason Dropbox doesn’t update itself, you are most likely extremely out of date. Ninite is simple to use, creating one download to run and letting you avoid clicking through 15 different installations. It has the side benefit of avoiding side installing programs as well.

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Now that things are cleaned up a little you just need to install and run CCleaner and run and cleanup all of your old temp files that you don’t use anymore. With that done If you have a hard drive in your PC, you should run it through a defrag. With that all finished up you can finally sit back and enjoy your refreshed PC that is ready to go for the summer! It’s not as exciting as building a new PC, but a little maintenance goes a long way. Not to mention you know things are going to look good and run well for a while to come!

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Hey Everyone,

Feel free to post up your before and afters if you do major cleaning, I would love to add examples into the article. Also if you have any other suggestions for people, please post up a reply with them!

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