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I’ll get right to the point, the TV Chair from DXRacer is console gaming in style. If I was a kid with a couple of these and a big screen I would have been the coolest kid on the block. Hell, I’m over 30 and only have one and I feel like the coolest kid on the block right now. They accomplished this by taking the racing styling that DXRacer is known for and adapting it to the requirements that gaming in the living room has. That means that the chair may sit considerably lower than an office chair, but it is the exact height needed to put you right in front of the television. This isn’t just a rebadged office chair. Both my wife and I found the chair to be comfortable, even when sitting in it for long periods of time.

The PU Leather does have the potential to get a little sticky on hot days if you don’t have the A/C on. But it is also easy to keep clean and won’t soak anything up if spilt on it, so it is kids safe. If DXRacer works on future TV Chair models beyond the F-Series I hope they consider making a larger model for larger adults like myself. I would also love to see them consider a different lock for its relining functionality, it is a little hard to reach.

With a price of just under $300 throwing down for a couple chairs for your kids or for your game room isn’t going to be cheap. But it will be what sets your game room apart from the rest. Considering they include free shipping, it does take the sting off things slightly. In fact, I took a look at shipping costs. To ship across the country via FedEx like they do, the standard rate would be a whopping $76.82. Even shipping to our offices (that are within a few hour drive of the DXRacer offices) it’s still over $32. With that in mind, I think the TV Chair is in line with where it should be price wise. Now I just need to setup our new game room to really put it to use!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35102 27 Jun 2014 14:31
We have seen DXRacer seats for the office, now I take a look at one for the living room.

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