So in my testing both my wife and I spent time using the chair. I did this because it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge the TV Chair on how well it fits me when frankly it was never designed for someone my size. Because of that I can say that the fit was a little tighter than I would prefer but honestly I could sit in the chair for extended periods of time without any discomfort or issues, I just didn’t have extra room to move around. For Alex, the seat was extremely comfortable and fit her perfectly. The back of the chair has enough padding to keep you comfortable and the base of the chair is soft enough to be comfortable while still being supportive, even at my weight.

The fake leather material that DXRacer used is the same that was on the M-Series chair as well. After spending more time with the M-Series I can confirm that it holds up extremely well and it has the added benefit of not absorbing spilled drinks. Being in the living room with kids this might be a big selling point. Not being able to breath is a downside though, if you don’t keep you’re A/C on it could get a little sticky on hot days.

image 49

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The new reclining mechanism is still a little weird to me, for most of our testing I found it easier to lock it into place on a setting in between fully reclined and all the way up. Having to reach in between your legs and find the lock is kind of a pain. With that said the chair is extremely comfortable when you have it kicked all the way back. This is great for kicking back on a late night gaming or watching TV.

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I mentioned before how you can move the head/neck and back pillows around for best comfort. Even on my wife the head pillow in the lower position is down on her neck. If you are taller the higher position will be the only option. Both she and I preferred the seat without both of the pillows, especially the back pillow. But with that being a preference, it’s good that DXRacer gives you the option to use them if you would like as well as position them where they work best for you. It just so happened they worked best for me positioned off the chair entirely.

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So without any adjustment in the armrests I was a little worried about how they would fit various people. For my wife this wasn’t an issue at all as they seemed to be well placed. Due to my size, I would have preferred them to be a little wider, but I’m not the target audience. The target audience for a chair like this is a slightly younger crowd and obviously a little smaller than me. Even so I hope that DXRacer expands this lineup to include chairs for bigger and heavier guys like me, lets me honest playing video games tends to take away from healthier activities and because of that there should still be a good sized market for larger sized gamers.  

The real problem I had with the armrests was actually with the mold design. I know that might sound a little funny, but there was a dip in the underside of the armrests that faces forward on both our sample and the chairs pictures on their website. I have a feeling the original idea was for this to face the rear of the chair where it would never be a problem. Anyhow, when I put my hands on the armrests the rough texture and sharp edges was a bit distracting. Lucky for me the removable armrests actually made it easy to flip them around, all you have to do is remove the two screws and flip it around. Once flipped I no longer had any issues.

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We have seen DXRacer seats for the office, now I take a look at one for the living room.

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