To prep myself for assembly I pulled everything out, removed the plastic, and made sure I didn’t have any missing pieces. All of the small pieces and parts went on a small table to make assembly easier as well.

image 6

image 10

DXRacers instructions actually suggest starting by putting together the main portion of the chair first but for me starting with putting the base together was more logical. Not only did it help me clear out off my table to give me more room to work, but it also means I have the base ready to drop the main chair onto when I’m ready. Anyhow base assembly was the same as with the M-Series office chair except for the chair base being nylon rather than metal, the nylon base still has a metal ring inside to keep a good hold on the chair still.

image 11

image 12

image 13

I started by putting all five of the orange foot rests on the top. They each snap into place, so it is very easy. Installing the feat isn’t much harder. They install just like office chair feet but rather than being wheels they are shorter pads that spin but don’t allow you to roll. The last part of base assembly is sitting the Cylinder inside of the base, the Cylinder is just like the hydraulic cylinder that the office chair used but it doesn’t lower or rise.

image 14

image 15

image 16

image 17

Next, we have to install both of the arms onto the main chair. Each used four bolts and each bolt are actually preinstalled in the chair already. You will have to pull the bolts, washers, and lock washers off the chair and start the process of putting it all back together. It’s easiest with an extra set of hands to hold the armrest in place while you do it, but you can still do it yourself if you are patient. DXRacer provides a combination allen wrench and phillips screw driver that you can use for the arm rest bolts.

image 18

image 19

image 20

image 22

image 23

image 24

Once I finished installing the arm rests I needed to actually bolt the back of the chair to the base of the chair. This was a major difference between this chair and the office chair. Not only did the office chair come together, the actual base is a completely different design. This design uses a round bar that is mounted half way up the sides of the back of the chair and at the front of the bottom of the seat. The Cylinder that we put in the seat is shorter than normal because this design is a few inches away from the bottom of your seat where the office chair design bolts directly to the seat bottom. Bolting the two mounting points together was difficult by myself, you have to use the allen wrench and the provided wrench to bolt everything together while also holding the back of the seat and the base of the seat in perfect position.

image 25

image 26

image 27

With the chair bolted together, all that was left to do was tie up a few loose ends. First I put this small plastic wheel on the sliding adjustment bar that locks the TV Chair into a reline position. Next I popped the two plastic end caps onto the end of the support bars that bolt to the side of the chair back. Then all that was left to do was put the chair on top of the base that I already put together. The cylinder fits in the hold on the bottom of the chair and is locked into place by sitting in the chair. After putting it all together, that is a task I could get behind. Overall putting it all together took me about 25 minutes, with an extra set of hands that would have saved me a lot of time as well. It is a little more work than some office chairs, but not my much.

image 28


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