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The DXRacer M-Series (Max Series) is an extremely good looking chair with in our case a black and orange PVC upholstery. As expected, it has a racing styling, but that was obvious with the DXRacer company name. What I was really surprised with though is that the M-Series doesn’t have the hard side bolstering that racing seats have. This is why I went with the M-Series over some of their smaller seats, as a larger guy I have to be mindful of how wide I am (lol). You do still get the same racing shape in the top of the chair although they did drop the holes that a racing chair would have for its 5 point harness.

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When shopping on DXRacer’s website I really like that they include full dimensions of every aspect of each chair. This really helped me pick what seat would work best for me.


In order for the M-Series to support the additional weight and still offer such a great warranty (lifetime on the frame) DXRacer had to overbuild everything about the chair, especially the base. This means the base of the chair is forged out of metal for durability unlike most other chairs include the AK that I have been using for years. In comparison to the Playseat, I can say that Playseat spent a little more money in this area because their base was slightly heavier duty and polished. I am all for keeping costs under control when possible and I think this was a good decision for DXRacer that allows them to be able to offer a quality product without needlessly running the chair’s price up.

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The metal base also includes what they call a footrest shaped base. This is because of the five footrests that you attach to the base. This should keep the base in great shape, even if you are like me and love to put their feet on the chair’s base when sitting. The M-Series uses ABS plastic casters on all that also include a built in lock on each caster. This chair isn’t going anywhere if you lock all five down!

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To go along with the all-metal base DXRacer made sure to use a heavy gauge steel on the two support brackets on the underside of the chair. The front support beam is even larger to help support all of your weight when adjusting yourself on the armrests. The green nylon support straps do a great job of spreading the weight out over the entire chair as well.

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Where the M-Series really stood out from both our Playseat and the AK chair here in the office was with its armrests. The shape of the padding was oddly squared off compared to the other chairs with very rounded ends. The gun trigger style of button that allows you to adjust the height of the armrests is a MUCH better solution that the odd twist action on the Playseat and the normal push button style that most other chairs. It was perfectly out of the way but still easy to use. The armrests were also spinable, locking into place in 45 degree increments.

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Along with the adjustable armrests, the M-Series also has an adjustable back. Our Playseat had this same feature as well and it is just like the adjustable back on your cars seat. You can change the angle of the back using the lift up handle on the right side of the chair. This is perfect for setting your seatback a little farther back than normal for a relaxing Friday or kicking it upright when you need better posture to get you working.

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DXRacer went all out with the orange and black theme all the way to the head and lumbar support pillows. Additionally they made sure to embroider their logo on the head pillow and the Max Series logo on the lumbar support. The head pillow attached to the top of the chair with an elastic Velcro strap that goes around the chair. The lumbar support pillow is a little different, it has an elastic strap with a plastic clip. It attaches around the back padding and allows you to move its height up and down to what is most comfortable to you.

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With the head pillow and lumbar support installed on the chair the orange and black styling really catches your eye. I prefer the slightly cleaner look of the chair without both pillows installed but I will talk about how well the two pillows performed in the performance section later.

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I did notice a small issue in the PVC upholstery in the seat base. As far as the cuts and the fit goes everything was fine but I did notice that the two horizontal seams across were especially crooked. The truth is I will never see it when I’m sitting in the chair but it was just interesting because overall the rest of the upholstery seemed to be reasonably straight. The other interesting thing about eh base for the M-Series was how deep the seat itself actually is. Considering it is made for a larger person, this wasn’t too big of a surprise but it was noticeably deeper than any of the other seats around the office, I like it!

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #34628 14 Apr 2014 13:58
I hope everyone had a great weekend. To kick off a busy week I took a look at the M-Series gaming chair from DXRacer.
Plague's Avatar
Plague replied the topic: #34629 14 Apr 2014 19:25
wow that price is way to high. I can get a chair that supports 500lb for that price and those large 500lb are really comfortable just very heavy. hehe
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #34630 15 Apr 2014 03:29
It's not specifically about the weight that it handles. I like it for the back that reclines and the styling.

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