The My Net AC 1300 has a very simple and professional looking package. On the front of the black and blue color schemed box is a picture of the device contained within. The AC 1300 is trying to communicate with us, letting us know that it makes Wi-Fi better with something called FasTrack that I will look into later. As well as a picture of the product we get to see the name and a brief overview of what it is the product does.

MyNet AC1300_4


On one side of the packaging we get a quick look at how simple the setup is with the My Net AC 1300. The three step installation process is explained simply through three different pictures. If for some reason we are unable to get the router set up, then we can call Western Digital’s free 24/7 customer support team. Though the number is not labeled on the side of the box, I am sure it is not all that difficult to find. Lastly we get a look at the back of the router, which is nicely labeled to make the already simple looking installation that much easier.

MyNet AC1300_5


On the other side of the box we get a peek at what makes this router different than others on the market. First is the ability to use My Book Live with the router, which is a personally cloud so that you can remotely access data. Also on the side it boasts more control and simplicity giving us more options and easier to use interface and options to access and change settings on the router. Finally are some of the more technically advanced features that the My Net AC 1300 supports, including Quality of Service control, WPA/WPA2 firewall, network diagnostic tool, and the ability to set up guest access.

MyNet AC1300_6


Finally, on the back of the box we get even more information. We can see from the diagram that the router is great for different things like Full HD streaming, Gaming, VOIP calling, and picture and music access. At the bottom, the packaging boasts things like next generation Wi-Fi, doubling your bandwidth, and the ability to work with all different Wi-Fi devices. Lastly we get to see what the FasTrack technology that we heard about on the front of the box is all about.  Apparently the technology will recognize popular internet services, prioritize movies, videos, online games and chat sessions, and finally it will help eliminate hesitation and pauses when streaming videos and movies all to make our browsing experience a bit more enjoyable.

MyNet AC1300_8


MyNet AC1300_7


Inside the packaging we find possibly the most snug and clean internal packaging I have ever seen. Right away we see the top of the router, sheathed in plastic, through the middle of the cardboard packaging. After moving a couple of cardboard pieces we are able to access the router itself. Also tucked away in the packaging, hidden from sight are the included Ethernet cable and the expected power cable. The last pieces that we find are two pieces of literature and a disc. The disc is the setup and resource disc for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The two pieces of literature included are a warranty information packet and a small installation guide for the router.

MyNet AC1300_9


MyNet AC1300_10

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