As a word of warning, never work on electrical circuits live. Find out which circuit in your house the device you want to replace is on and turn the breaker off or pull the fuse out before touching anything. That being said, installing the Power2U outlet is quite simple and Newer Technologies provides an installation guide with the product as well as links to their website where you can download a video installation guide and FAQ video if that is more your style.

Power2U 4

Regardless of your choice the outcome will be the same. Make sure your wire is stripped back at least one half inch and slide them under the correct terminal plate. Your white (neutral) wire will attach to the side with the silvered screws, your bare/green (ground) wire will attach to the terminal under the green hexagon screw and your black (hot) wire attaches to the side with the brass screws.

Power2U 7

Power2U 19


Power2U 11

Power2U 20

Power2U 6

Power2U 21

After that you are essentially done. Secure the Power2U outlet back into the box on your wall and attach the face plate. When attaching the faceplate be mindful of the “Smart Power” latches on the sides of the USB ports so that they line up and snap into place, these switches are designed to only provide power to the USB port when the sliding door is open to be more energy efficient. You are now ready to enjoy both regular power and USB power from this outlet at any time.

Power2U 13

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Deb0's Avatar
Deb0 replied the topic: #30629 11 May 2013 20:34
With all of the focus on gadgets and how to charge them Other World Computing sent us a much more direct solution. Check out the Power2U wall outlet and see what you think.
Arxon's Avatar
Arxon replied the topic: #30644 12 May 2013 04:37
mem0man, what problems did you have with the size? was it the depth or the width. Really thinking about buying one of these for our kitchen where we charge our devices.
L0rdG1gabyt3's Avatar
L0rdG1gabyt3 replied the topic: #30647 12 May 2013 07:14
My boss did a kind of sudo review on one of these a few weeks ago..

He commented that "The only complaint we see comes from the depth requirements of the device requiring the use of an extended depth 16 cubic inch gem box, meaning most existing wall boxes are too shallow to accommodate the new outlet."

Other than that they seem to be great! In fact, if you live in the Ft. Wayne area, we have them in stock! ;)
Deb0's Avatar
Deb0 replied the topic: #30649 12 May 2013 07:19
It really is the depth (Its larger then a standard GFCI) but 18 and 20 boxes are more common the newer your house is. Still, if you really want one somewhere "old work" boxes are not expensive, nor are they hard to install.

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