Overall and Final Verdict

Overall I think the product works incredibly well. It transfers data at really good speeds and nothing was corrupt over the five or so different tests that I did with it. Its use as an external disk drive was perfect and could easily see myself using it for a netbook, or even as a replacement for an internal disk drive. However the lack of ability to pull data off of a USB drive is somewhat disappointing. I also feel like some of the features of the device are somewhat outdated or simply not needed.

That being said, there is one last point I want to make. The MSRP for the device is $130 and at that price I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, but that price does seem a bit dated and I don’t think I could suggest buying it at that price. It currently sells for $55 on Amazon and at that price I feel it is a completely different story. The unforeseen (to me at least) use of the device as an external disk drive, on top of all of the other features makes this product a good buy at that price. Most external disk drives will run you from $30 to $75 dollars, and this falls right in the middle of that price range, but you actually get more for your money. How much you would use any of the extra features is beyond me, but they are certainly there, and they all work incredibly well.

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