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Overall I think the Roxio Game Capture HD is worth buying. Some of the downsides are pretty big, but the device does more than make up for it with its upsides. The fact that the Roxio doesn’t come with any of the component cables to hook the device up can be frustrating. It also doesn’t come with a remote, which is disappointing, but understandable because all of the actual editing is done on the PC. Another downside is that it does need a PC and installed software, which has a registration code and can likely not be installed on other computers, or only a limited number of times. The workload can be somewhat demanding on your PC, so if you have an older laptop you are going to have a bit of a headache trying to get everything running smoothly. That being said there are many great things about the Roxio. The setup and installation of the device and the software is incredibly easy, to the point where I would say that someone without much experience with electronics wouldn’t have an issue.  Having HDMI capability, even if your device doesn’t support it (Boo HDCP) is a great touch and leads to better quality video and audio. Also it comes with free video editing software. I am not a big video editor so I don’t really know how it stacks up against other software, but there were enough options to make my head spin. Most important is the ability to live stream with the click of a button. In an age where everyone wants to stream gameplay and stay connected, Roxio couldn’t have made it simpler. I spent about two hours reading Adam’s guide to live streaming on the PC, and only about five minutes figuring it out on the Roxio.

The capture devices were very interesting to review and try to compare to each other. The reason for this is that I like different things about both devices. If they were to come together with all the great features of both devices, and cover up each others shortfalls, I think we would end up with a brilliant device. Each has its own pro's and con's and both are worthy of a purchase in my eyes, it is just a matter of what you want to use it for and what your preferences are for certain things. I just cannot pick a clear winner.

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