The final area I want to cover was the raffle and raffle prizes. The sponsors were extremely generous and there were prizes and swag all around, and I don’t mean the yoloswag that makes me want to punch things. There were actually two separate raffles at the event; there was a main raffle that each participant of the LAN got one ticket into, and additional tickets for event and tournament wins. The second was a charity raffle and for each canned good that was donated one ticket was received for the charity raffle.

FortLan I_4

I have a couple of things to mention on either raffle. The charity raffle was for a great cause and I support it 100% of the way, though I do wish they had done less tickets. One ticket for every ten cans donated would be better than one ticket for every can up to fifty. I think that supporting those who support the charity is a great idea, but not only is it that it a lot of tickets it is also a burden to people who may only one to bring in one to ten cans. There were folks who brought in fifty cans that won three times, which is okay because they supported the charities and they should be rewarded for it, but it is discouraging to those who don’t bring as many.

The main raffle caused a bigger grievance for me. I don’t mind attendees getting extra raffle tickets for winning a tournament or a side event that is hosted by the LAN, but when it comes to handing out 40+ tickets a time I do have a bit of an issue. It’s frustrating, especially to those who didn’t win anything, to see people win more times simply because they participated in a youtube video. Don’t get me wrong its great exposure for the LAN and I bet the sponsors love it, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’ll make an ass of myself of my own terms thank you very much. At the end of the day I don’t go to LANs for the prizes, I go to have fun and play games with friends, and as far as that goes, I had a great time, but the raffle left me at least, a bit frustrated.

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