One of the first features of the Sugo Pack that you will notice is the thick metal badge right on the front of the bag. This is its only Silverstone branding on the bag. They didn’t skimp on the badge ether, if this a sign of the quality we can expect from the bag, I’m sure we will be impressed.

image 1

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The bottom of the bag has six “feet” on it. These feet don’t really grip on a normal table, but they will keep the bag from sliding around on carpet in your car for example. They also help protect the bottom of the bag from damage as well.

image 3

The main compartment unzips and folds out to give you easy access to your case. Inside there are two Velcro straps that hold everything in place as well. This is especially important if you case is a little smaller than the Sugo Pack’s largest capacity. In the front section that folds out there is a mesh pouch to store a few small items as needed. This is a good place to keep a few things like flash drives secure. The mesh design makes it easy to see what is inside as well.

image 11

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Up on the top of the bag, along with the two carrying handles there are also two fold up flaps with Velcro

image 15

image 16

The front of the Sugo Bag also sports a nice sized pouch that is perfect for dropping in a mouse or two along with any tools you might want to keep on you at a LAN.

image 17

image 19

On both ends of the Sugo Pack there are storage pouches as well. These are perfect for your headset and all of your cabling and you will still have more than enough room left for anything else you might need to bring along with you.

image 18


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #29443 13 Feb 2013 19:47
Getting close to LAN season, this might be something for some of you to consider
SpeedBump's Avatar
SpeedBump replied the topic: #30046 21 Mar 2013 01:34
I just won one of these at FITES LAN. I will be using it for all my cables, keyboard, mouse and such. Works great.

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