You get home after a long day at work. All you want to do is play from games and hang out with your buddies. The problem is you’re pooped, and frankly your breath stinks. You’re in no shape to have people over, let alone play any high paced games. That’s where primer comes in. A refreshing breath spray with 33mg’s of caffeine per spray you will be ready to frag in no time. We got our hands on a few samples of Primer; see what everyone thought after the jump.



What is it?

With 33mg’s of caffeine per spray and a 42 spray average per bottle it could be called a bottle of energy. Small enough to fit in your pocket but with the kick of a can of soda, Primer is perfect to take with you out to the club, to work, or to a lan party.

How did we test it?

I took a bottle into work and had people of all ages try a spray. Everyone from 18 year old gamers to 60 year old ladies tried out primer.

What did everyone think of it?

I expected the younger guys who are already caffeine pro’s to jump all over trying this. Everyone who tried it thought that it did freshen their breath. A few even described it as a toothpaste taste. That was also said from some of the older people who tested Primer. Although some people thought it had a “kick” no one complained of it being too overpowering or unbearable.

As for the kick of caffeine that distinguishes Primer from other breath sprays. Everyone who tried primer later informed me they did feel refreshed or had a burst of energy. In most cases it took around 5 minutes. Of course the people who don’t drink caffeinated products felt it more than those who practically have a caffeine IV.


Overall I think that Primer lives up to its marketing. I had a few people who tested it inquire about where to buy Primer. As of right now, you can purchase Primer on Think Geek and at a few specialty shops around the US. I think that the price of $4 is a little high but fair considering each bottle should last a while if use properly. I also heard a rumor that Primer goes well mixed with vodka. Everyone should consider picking up a bottle or two of primer for your next long gaming session. You can learn more about Primer at there website



If you would like to try this yourself we will be holding a contest to give away a bottle on our forums.



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