The packaging for the Tenda AC15 was for the most part right to the point. The box has a black background but on the front a good portion is covered in an orange strip. Here they have the routers key feature, the AC1900 wireless up in the top right corner and then below a few mentions of extreme speed, ultimate coverage, and the web based management. The rest of the front has a photo of the router itself along with a sticker showing the routers 1-year warranty.

image 1

On the back they take the same Extreme Speed, Ultimate Coverage, and Smart Management and explain what they mean by each comment with a few highlighted features. For example, under ultimate coverage they talk about the high power amplifiers, three external antennas, and for some reason they include parental controls here where it would be better in the smart management section.

image 2

Inside the box the router comes wrapped up in a plastic bag and in a recycled paper tray to keep everything safe. In addition to that the front of the router even comes with a plastic stuck to it as well to prevent fingerprints. For documentation the AC15 comes with an installation guide, a public notice paper, a wireless declaration, and then a card with information on how to reach tech support over the phone, email, skype, and MSN even though MSN and skype are the same thing now. Up under the router is also the base stand and of course the power cable and a short network cable as well.

image 3

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37334 11 Nov 2015 23:40
Today I take a look at a wireless AC router from a relatively new company called Tenda. Check it out!

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