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With 2020-2022 feeling like the longest year ever, it's easy to forget that the X570 chipset has been out now for three years in just a few months. That is a long time for any chipset, but even longer when you consider X570 is just at the end of an even longer run with the AM4 socket as a whole. In the time from the X570 launch until now, other released motherboards have seen a few improvements, especially on the network side of things where 10G and 2.5G are available on most higher-end boards. X570 was a little left behind until we saw some refreshed boards released last year including the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi. So while it is still running the now older chipset, the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi is packed full of features. Just for networking alone, it has both a 2.5G NIC and a 10G NIC which is a big improvement over the Crosshair VIII Hero from the X570 launch which had 1G and 2.5G NICs. Then for wireless, the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi now supports WiFi 6E where the Hero only supports WiFi 6.

The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi has also gotten Thunderbolt 4 including DisplayPort passthrough and the rear I/O was packed with four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports on top of the two Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports. I wouldn’t have minded Asus filling in the small space on the rear I/O left over with a few more USB ports but it isn’t like there aren’t a lot of USB ports already. Internally the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi is packed as well with support for three PCIe 4.0 M.2 drives even without having to resort to a riser card like Asus’s U.2 cards. You won’t be lacking when it comes to fan headers which there were 8 and even for internal USB connections you have the one USB 3.2 Gen 2, one USB 3.2 Gen 1, and three older USB 2.0 headers. The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi is also loaded up on RGB connections with three addressable headers on the board and one older standard RGB header as well. While it is a standard feature on higher-end Asus boards, the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi having BIOS Flashback is especially important here with AMD’s latest CPUs coming out after the launch of the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi, even if you don’t have an older CPU to update the BIOS you can still get things up and running.

For styling, the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi stands out to me, the board avoids the standard “gaming” styling but still manages to be a great looking board. The blacked out board with subtle gold accents is great and it would look just as good in a home PC as it would an enterprise setup. Asus has given the board the software support needed to be an enterprise board. But really this is a high-end board for someone who doesn’t want or need the gaming styling. It's also hard to find much to not like in the board. Its styling could be a little boring for you and its price might hit the pocketbook hard with an MSRP of $429.99. But you are getting what you paid for in features and it is clear that Asus was able to fine tune the older X570 to make one of the best X570 options out there.


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