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The box for the ProArt X570-Creator WiFi shows a different focus from Asus’s ROG lines with its all-black box that uses gold for a stylized pro branding across most of the top of the box. Then up top, they have the Asus ProArt branding with the full ProArt X570-Creator WiFi model name below that. They have the AMD X570 chipset branding along with logos for the WiFi 6E, HDMI, and Windows 11 support. Then around on the back of the box, Asus has multiple pictures of the board. The one in the center highlights two angles to show the full board as well as the rear I/O at once and around that they have the specifications lists. Then below that they touch on a few features like the Thunderbolt 4 ports, the 10G and 2.5G ethernet connections, Asus’s software, and the three PCIe 4.0 lots that the board supports.

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Once you get inside you can see the board inside of its static protective bag along with a cardboard insert over top that keeps everything from moving around. This also has the WiFi antenna inside as well.

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The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi comes with a few accessories. You get a big bundle of black SATA cables as well as a short DisplayPort cable to use with the board DisplayPort input to go from your GPU to the board for Thunderbolt 4 support. You get a front panel connection helper that lets you wire everything out in the open then plug it all in at once and M.2 screws and rubber pads. The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi comes with a full user guide and a DVD with the software and drivers installed on it as well as a card with a QR code to guide you through installing the Asus Control Center software. Control Center allows you security features like being able to turn off USB ports or set them to read-only, blocking specific software, and being able to prevent registry edits which are all great for enterprise use.

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The antenna included for the built-in WiFi 6E is the same flip out antenna that Asus has been using on all of their board recently. It can fold up for a more compact use or flip out and has a rubber base for sitting it on your desk and a magnet inside if you want to attach it to the side of your case.

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