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The box for the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi has a black background that is only visible up at the top with a purple and pink fade starting from the bottom. It also has multiple square designs in the blue/pink/purple range as well that fade up from the bottom. MSI has the model name in the middle of the front in the largest font so it is easy to see and that does include the chipset in the name which helps a lot as well. They also have “Intel Motherboard” above all of that to help set it apart from AMD boards as well which can get a little confusing for people who aren’t in the know with AMD and Intel chipsets having similar naming other than the Z and X designations. Down at the bottom they mention that the board is Windows 11 compatible and supports TPM 2.0 which is important for Windows 11. On the bottom right corner, they have the mystic lighting logo and lighting gen 5 branding. Then in the top right corner, they do at least let you know that this is a board for 12th gen CPUs as well.

image 10


When you get inside, MSI has the board inside of a static protective bag and then sitting in its own cardboard tray. To keep things from moving around there is also a cardboard bridge across the top.

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The Z690 Carbon WiFi has a huge stack of documentation with it starting with the white quick installation guide and the black user guide. There are two sets of stickers, one with labels for SATA cables and another with MSI Gaming and MPG logos. There is also a black card that has a red metal MSI gaming case badge on it. Beyond that, there are cards with MSI advertisements on them.

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In the past, MSIs Carbon motherboard have had a few accessories but not anything like what their highest-end boards have included. This time around the MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi is loaded with accessories and swag. You get a metal case badge along with a set of metal keys with Phillips and flat head screwdriver ends on them. There is also a small USB drive with the MSI Gaming branding on it which also comes with the drivers/software installed on it. There is also an MSI branded keyboard duster which I’ve had a few of these from other brands and they are always great to keep around your desk to keep your keyboard cleaned out. There were two small baggies with the locking mounts for the M.2 slots. Then there was a whole pile of bags with cables inside. One is a Y for RGB lighting and there is one extension cable for RGB lighting as well. There is a Corsair-specific adapter cable to help tie in with your corsair lighting if you use that. Then there were a few SATA cables as well, all of the cables are black of course.

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Then the MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi like the name would imply comes with a WiFi antenna as well. It comes in two pieces and you have to slide them together. The base is a Y shape for stability and then you have a 3+ foot long cord. Unlike some other brands, this antenna doesn’t have a magnetic base from what I saw and once it is together it doesn’t adjust or flip out but simplicity is often best.

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