Rather than just get a few pictures, I did a basic click-through of the UEFI for the Z390 Gaming Plus and uploaded the video to our Youtube so we could make sure to show every option available if you need to check one a specific page give it a pause on the video below.

What I found was the overall layout that MSI is offering for the UEFI hasn’t changed for the last few generations. No big surprise there. They have an EZ Mode and an advanced mode, it booted to the advanced for me but I think it should start in EZ mode to keep people who don’t know what they are doing from getting into features they don’t understand. The EZMode and the advance mode share the same top portion where you can turn game boost and XMP on and off and drag and drop your boot options. It also has the CPU and DDR speeds as well as things like a few basic temperatures and what hardware you have and some voltages. The EZ mode adds to that a few quick on and off switches for important hardware as well as quick access to the BIOS reflash tool called M-Flash.

The advanced BIOS really boils down to two main sections. The settings option on the left has all of your chipset specific options and then below it, the OC menu has pulled all of the overclocking specific options all into one place. The bios is mouse-based but in the advanced mode, you could use a keyboard as well. I should point out the mouse movement was smooth but MSI does seem to still be having issues with double clicking, at least when hitting the back button. I had this issue on a few other boards as well from them. Overall you do have just about any normal options you might need or want, being a budget board the overclock options are more limited and overall I should point out that clicking through everything took about 3 minutes where the last few Asus boards I’ve had in the office took twice as long due to the number of options available. MSI hits everything you might be looking for but when compared to the competition they offer a lot more flexibility if that is what you need. Personally, I think for a basic gaming focused board like this, you get everything you need.


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