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So the Maximus X Hero is a pure ROG board, not a ROG offshoot Strix board and you can see that right away when you check out the packaging. It has the ROG red covering most of it with a little grey up in the top right corner. The front of the box is mostly dominated with the product name and then with the ROG logo up in the corner and Asus logo in the bottom left corner. But they did slip in a line of badges for things like the required Intel badges, Nvidia SLI, AMD Crossfire, and their Aura lighting. Around on the back, the box has a lot more going on. We finally get a picture of the board in the middle, actually, it is two so they can angle the board enough to also include the rear I/O. Around it is a specification listing and then up top are pictures of four key features. I don’t like buying something without knowing what I’m buying so the pictures and information are awesome for picking this board up in a retail store.

image 4

image 5

When you open the box up there is a weird fold-out panel in the top that welcomes you to the republic. Then you will see the motherboard sitting in its own cardboard tray with a plastic cover over top of it that is shaped to keep it from moving around. All of the accessories and documentation is hidden up under that cardboard tray.

image 6

So along with the board itself, this being a premium board you do get a few things with it for documentation and accessories. For starters, you get a full user guide and they also include an update paper on the fan holder. Along with it, you will get a software and driver disc with a nice ROG case badge tucked inside as well. Then they give you a 20% off cablemod coupon, because I don’t need it I have included the code below. Go pick up some lighting or custom cables for a little less.

image 7

image 8

You also get a large sticker sheet with a metallic-like finish to them. Some of them are what you might stick on your door or laptop, then they also have a few SATA cable labels as well. There is also an Asus ROG cardboard coaster included along with them.

image 9

For accessories, you get two bags of SATA cables with two cables in each. Then there are two different RGB lighting cables. One is an extension cable for traditional 4 pin RGB lights and the other is a cable to hook up individually addressable RGB lighting. You get a small fan bracket and some mounting screws for M.2 drives as well as for 3D printed designs that Asus has on their website that you can print and put on your board. You get a solid PCB SLI bridge that is dark black with the ROG logo on it then there are two installation helpers. One is a CPU installer tool and the other is an adapter to let you plug all of the front panel cables in out of the case and then plug them into your board.

image 10

image 11

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