To check out the UEFI rather than take screenshots or pictures I put together a simple video of me going through each of the options. This way anyone who is curious about a specific feature can pause at any point to see every detail. Typically Asus UEFI’s are really solid with easy to navigate menus and smooth mouse movement. The setup hasn’t really changed so the layout is still good but I will say the mouse smoothness is noticeably different. It isn’t any worse than the competition, but it is unlike Asus so I hope they get the issue patched out in the future.

As for the BIOS itself, like I said most things haven’t changed. When you first boot into the BIOS you land on the EZ Mode page like you should. It's amazing how often companies include the easy mode but make people go through the advanced mode to find it. The whole point is to keep things simple for people who don’t know their way around to prevent people from changing things they don’t understand. For this board, you get access to fan speeds and controls and a slide to rearrange boot menu. There is a quick overclock option up top and you can also turn on raid and XMP options. Beyond that, the rest of the page just gives you information on the hardware and voltages and temps.

Getting into the advanced UEFI brings you back to the tabs up top with lists of options you can change. Just about everything can be found in two tabs. The Ai Tweaker gives you access to all overclocking and voltage adjustments. Then the advanced tab brings you to a menu of options to open up more pages. This is where you can dive into peripheral settings and turn off features that you don’t use. The monitor tab just lists out up to date information for temps, voltages, and speeds. The boot menu is exactly what you would expect, boot options. The tool tab is where you can find a few of Asus’s special tools. I personally love the UEFI updating from the BIOS. You can check and download the latest from the interwebs or if you downloaded the new BIOS in windows you can go through and find where you saved the file without the need for flash drives being formatted a specific way or any of that. You can also secure erase drives or even save your overclocking profiles. That one specifically is nice, you can have known good configurations or even have different profiles depending on if it is summer or winter.


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