For the BIOS I did a quick walkthrough video that shows me going through each menu. This way we don’t have 30 pictures while still missing some of the details of the BIOS. Overall I was surprisingly happy with the BIOS for the X299 SLI Plus. The mouse movement was smooth and it booted us right into the easy mode first. Two things a lot of BIOS don’t seem to manage somehow. You get all of the important settings right in the easy mode for things like arranging your boot drives, basic OC Genie overclocking and XMP. Moving into the advanced menus it doesn’t seem like they missed any options. So while this isn’t an overclocking focused board, you do have the ability to do it. The black/gray and white look matches the board well and while it did make me feel like I was in an old black in white movie I would rather have this than bright colors when going through the menus. You also get features like savable overclocking profiles and the ability to update your BIOS as well.


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