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The packaging for the X299 Aorus Gaming 3 was completely different than the AB350N that I had in the office last week. This is an Aorus board, Gigabytes gaming line, so the focus is on that not Gigabyte branding. In fact, the Gigabyte logo is down in the corner where Aorus is on the front twice along with a huge Aorus logo in the background. Beyond that, you have the orange and black theming on the front and back. On the back, they have an actual photo of the board in the top right corner. Then from there, they  go through a whole list of the board's features with small photos or drawings with photos that help show what each feature is about. They touch on the RGB Fusion lighting with two photos and the AMP-Up Audio also has a little more dedicated to it than the others. They also managed to slip in a short specification listing and a line drawing of the board's rear I/O configuration.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, the motherboard comes wrapped in its static protective bag and sitting on a tray that holds it up in the air to make room for documentation and accessories under it. For documentation, they include a full user manual as well as an installation guide. You get a HUGE sheet of metallic finished stickers and then there is a driver/software installation disc should you need it to get online to download the most current drivers. The Aorus case badge is a thin metal and looks really good with the black background and orange trim. For accessories, you get four SATA cables and a front panel connection helper. Then there is the rear I/O panel, it has a slightly tinted metal finish with each of the labels etched into it. This is better than a bright metal panel but I would still prefer a dark black shield personally as it goes with more cases.

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