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The packaging for the Strix Z270I might be ITX sized, but Asus did still get all of the normal Strix branding on the outside, just like with the larger boards. You have the ROG logo up in the top right, the Asus logo in the bottom left, and a large Strix logo in multiple colors across the front. Also on the front is a photo of the board, something I always love to see so that people in retail stores actually know what they are buying. The back of the box has a short specification listing with a photo of the board from the top down. There is a second photo that is at an angle to show the rear I/O connections as well. Then down below are four other photos that highlight key features.

image 1

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There is something about when you buy a product and you get more than just the basic things. Getting a lot of accessories isn’t seen as often but it really makes you feel like the company didn’t hold back. For the Strix Z270I Asus went crazy with accessories. For documentation, you get a large manual, a CableMod coupon, and a driver/software disc. Beyond that, you get a large sticker sheet and cable labels with the ROG logo on them in different colors.

image 3

For physical accessories, there is a whole pile. The rear I/O panel is standard but the blacked out look and the padded back over the metal springs is a nice touch. You get four SATA cables with two out of the four with a right angled connection on one end. There are two M.2 mounting kits and they also include a CPU installation kit and a ROG coaster as well. Because this board has Wireless you also get an antenna with a magnet inside to mount on your case. Being an ITX board Asus includes a short lead for your front panel connections to let you plug them away from the board then plug it all in at once. Then last but not least is an RGB extension cable.

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