The first Crosshair was the first ROG motherboard from Asus so it's no surprise the packaging for the Crosshair VI Hero has the standard black and red theme. Up in the top right is the ROG logo with the branding just under it. They do use a few logos to list board features down along the bottom long with things like confirming SLI support. On the back of the box, we actually get a full photo of the board, as well as four, zoomed in photos of specific board features. They also basically have a specification/feature breakdown over the rest of the back of the box. No marketing fluff at all, just a list of everything the board has and it is a lot.

image 1

image 2

The box opens up a little differently but once opened the board greets you right on top. It sits in a cardboard tray with a static protective bag. You can then pull the tray up and out and below it and find all of the documentation. Unlike the cheap boards, boards like the Crosshair come with a whole stack of things. There is a thick user guide, a separate motherboard layout paper, and a safety information document. Then you get a driver/software DVD and cool black ROG cable labels. They even include a ROG coaster. Then for stickers, you get a huge sticker sheet with a variety of stickers. They also slipped in a coupon code from CableMod to get a deal on a set of CableMod RGB lights that are compatible with Asus Aura lighting.

image 3

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There is another piece of cardboard up under all of the documentation and then you get to the accessories. You get an all blacked out rear I/O panel and connection helpers for your front panel connections. There is an SLI bridge with a black PCB. Then for cables, you get four black SATA cables and a pair of the RGB lighting adapter cables to hook your case lighting up.

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