Overall and Final Verdict

The biggest and most obvious thing about the X370 Gaming Titanium is silver and black theme that even includes the silver PCB. I was extremely impressed with the lengths that MSI went to stick with the look and it was well worth it. I’m normally all about the blacked out look but this is one of the best looking boards I’ve ever tested. That said, once I started looking past the theme and the simple and good looking heatsinks and I/O shield I was only more and more impressed with the board. MSI didn’t hold anything back and it's really refreshing to see that on an AMD board especially. The Titanium is packed full of fan headers, with them all being 4-pin PWM, and you aren’t going to have any trouble finding a USB header. On top of the two USB 2.0 headers, you get two USB 3.0 style headers with one actually running at 3.1 speeds, then you also get a new style USB 3.1 header for future cases. The same goes for the other future looking tech, the board has two M.2 ports and even a U.2 even though I think that might not have much life in it.

Just about everyone has PCIe shielding these days and it does help a lot with the extra weight of today's video cards hanging from the slot but MSI went beyond that as well. All of the memory slots are also shielded and one of the M.2 slots has a big shield as well. I’ve heard the M.2 might not help cooling, but one thing is for sure, your SSD is going to be shielded from EMI and damage.  

My list of requests and complaints was much shorter. The only issue I had with the board in testing was the weird way my mouse worked in the UEFI. Beyond that, I would love to see MSI slip in a few more USB connections on the back of the board, even if they are a little slower. That said they did end up going with all USB 3.1 ports for the connections you do get but I don’t need that for my mouse and keyboard, I just need enough to be able to hook everything up.

In the end, the MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium is an impressive board, both in features and looks. So much so that for the past week I’ve been trying to justify just about any reason to use it in a build. It’s just too good looking to leave on the shelf for testing later. Now shopping for the X370 Titanium does put a big dent in your wallet, at just under $300 this is the most expensive AM4 board you can pick up currently, but if you want to celebrate AMDs new launch with a crazy build this would be the first component I would be picking up.  


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