So on top of the entire board being Titanium, they also did the same with the box as well. It has a metallic silver finish all over. The front has a photo of the board, something I wish a lot more companies would do, then MSIs branding up in the top corner. The model name is on the front as well and then down at the bottom they have the Ryzen logo along with the AM4 X370 branding. The back of the box has another photo of the motherboard, only smaller this time. On it they have put numbers on some of the boards features and next to the photo is a list of the names of each of those features. MSI doesn’t try to explain any of the features like a lot of packaging, they use the space for a full specification listing and a drawing of the rear I/O panel with labels to show exactly what you are getting inside of the box.

image 1

image 2

Our box had been gone through before being shipped so I don’t know if it was missing anything but it did have an accessories box. Inside for documentation was a user manual. There was also a driver/software disk and white SATA labels. They included a nice metal MSI gaming case badge as well. The included SATA cables are a bright silver with a metal finish as well. I’m used to black being the best option here but these do go well with the board. Then the rear I/O panel is black with white labels. A few of the ports have been highlighted in white though like the USB 3.1 ports and the HDMI.

image 14


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