The box for the AB350 Gaming 3 is an interesting mix of old school Gigabyte packaging with the standard white and red branding on a black box and the Gigabyte Gaming branding is in bright RGB colors. It’s fitting for the board, though, this is a mix of a basic entry level board that has a little RGB lighting to spice things up. There are a few logos for Gigabytes RGB Fusion and showing that this board is VR read as well tucked down in the bottom corner. On the back, Gigabyte has broken down some of the board's key features. They have photos of RGB Fusion and information on the built-in headphone amp along with a full photo of the board inside. They also highlight a few other features down along the bottom with small photos. I also dig that they include a specification listing on the board as well.

image 1

image 2

Inside, like most motherboards, the AB350 Gaming 3 comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and sitting in its own cardboard tray. Up under the tray is where they have tucked away the board's accessories. For documentation, you get an installation guide and a User Manual. There is a driver/software DVD as well tucked away with them. For accessories, you get four black SATA cables with two of the four having a single right-angled connection. There is one adapter cable for RGB Fusion to hook your LED strip up to the motherboard and there is a small bag with a front panel connection helper. Lastly the rear I/O panel is included and it has a black finish to match your case with white labels on everything except the adjustable voltage USB port that they call USB DAC-UP 2 for hooking to your audio devices.

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