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The box for the Z270 SLI Plus is exactly what I like seeing, simple and all blacked out. There aren’t any unnecessary photos and the main feature is the product name in the middle. They have the MSI logo then down along the edge are a couple of the board's features. This includes the Intel NIC, A Lightning USB 3.1 connection, Turbo M.2, and what MSI calls VR Boost. The back of the box is all business as well. Here they have a full specification listing and a line drawing of the rear I/O panel to help people know what they are getting. Then there is a photo of the motherboard in the middle with each of its key features highlighted with a photo and details on why.

image 1

image 8

Inside the box, the motherboard is wrapped up in a static protective bag and then it sits in its own cardboard tray. When you pull that up you will find all of the documentation and accessories up under it. For documentation, you get a thick user guide book, a quick installation paper, information on registering, and then a driver/software disc. For accessories, the SLI Plus doesn’t come with much. You get a rear I/O cover that is as basic as they come. It is all silver and has the tiny springs that are bound to get caught on connections or cut you up. Then you get two SATA cables, one with a right angle connection on one end and the other with two normal plugs.

image 9

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