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The box for the Z170N-Gaming 5 is small just like the motherboard inside. On the top Gigabyte has the same theme that I saw on our last Gigabyte Z170 board. The box has a black background and they have a white photo in the back with the GT Gaming logo on it. What did stand out to me though was that even though the box makes this being an ITX board obvious the name and nothing on the top actually tell us that. In fact, if I told you I had a Z170N-Gaming 5 you wouldn’t have a clue this was an ITX board. The back of the box has a lot more going on. Here we can see an actual photo of the motherboard along with photos of different details. They highlight performance from the USB 3.1 controller and the 5GHz wireless.

image 1

image 2

Inside the motherboard is right up on top wrapped up in a static protective bag. It sits up on a cardboard tray that makes room for the accessories underneath. Gigabyte includes A cool magnetic wireless antenna, the rear I/O panel, and SATA cables. The rear I/O panel is blacked out with all of the legends in red similar to what a lot of the other gaming boards are doing these days. For SATA cables you get two but I was surprised to find that they are wrapped in a reflective foil coating, I personally prefer black but these are at least different and much better than the red that everything used to come with. For documentation they include a user manual, a feedback card, quick setup guide, and two discs with the drivers and software for the board on one and for the wireless card on the other.

image 6

image 3

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37705 26 Feb 2016 16:14
Today I have a look at the top Z170 ITX option from Gigabyte as I continue to look at options for our upcoming Lunchbox build

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