USB 3.0 and SATA 3

Well with Intel’s chipset handling the SATA and USB duties there isn’t nearly as much to worry about when it comes to their performance. I still make sure to test both for all motherboards that come in through the office to make sure there aren’t any issues. In this case the numbers were a little lower than I have seen in the past but there is a good chance that our old Corsair SSD that I only use for these tests might be getting a little dated as well. I would keep an eye out for updated chipset drivers as well on the off chance that the slowdown is driver related. Personally I will be running an M.2 drive in my next build so the SATA performance isn’t nearly as important these days anyhow.

SATA3 Read Speed
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 435.6
USB 3.0 Read Speed
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 220.3


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36946 07 Aug 2015 20:48
Today I follow up my Skylake review with a look at the motherboard I tested it on. Check it out!

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