Overclocking on the Impact was a little different than on some other Asus boards. Typically, AI Suite will slowly overclock and benchmark over and over again to reach the highest possible overclock. With the Impact the software just gives you three optional clock speed goals and it will overclock to that and benchmark to make sure it can handle the overclock. I would personally prefer the other way because It gives a better overclock, but I have a feeling this was something they had to give up due to space on the PCB being limited. That said I was able to get the Impact to run at the 4400 MHz option, 4600 MHz was a little higher than it could handle. Looking back at our last Asus Z97 review I was able to get 4590 MHz, so the Impact not hitting 4600 MHz safely isn’t a big surprise. Even at 4.4 GHz that is a nice improvement. Not to mention it will be a little more stable with the headroom left over. It is possible that some people will be able to see 4.6 GHz though depending on their CPU.



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35904 25 Nov 2014 06:29
Before Thanksgiving week gets in full swing I take a look at Asus's top of the line Mini-ITX Z97 motherboard. This is one of a few reviews of components going in a new project LAN build. Check it out!
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #35905 26 Nov 2014 04:39
Wow it looks like they have changed very little since the Maximus VI Impact which is what I have in my LAN box. The software and bios look more advanced. Also I really like the way that red hyperx looks on that board.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35907 26 Nov 2014 05:16
yeah this isn't a big change, just improvements on the original design along with the new Z97 chipset that is also only a small change from Z87 lol

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