Having already put our i7-5960X through a little overclocking in our review and with the Asus board I was really excited to give it another try with the overclocked focused Classified. Especially with how well our CPU had already performed. Sadly, I wasn’t able to swap out our cooling between motherboard reviews, so I had to continue testing on air. Our water cooling setup was having a few issues. Even on air we hit just over 4.85GHz in those previous tests though. I jumped into the UEFI and took our CPU just below what I did previously to save a little time and get right to the point.

At 4.8 things were already heating up when running through wPrime. I jumped up the Bclk slightly to get back to the same 4.85 as before and under load temps reached up to 85c under load. Just to be sure I couldn’t do any more I gave it one more bump up but as soon as I put it under load it crashed. I know the Classified is capable of a lot more and I hope to revisit testing this with a revised cooling setup to see what the board and our CPU are really capable of. What I’m saying is don’t expect to come in and push the limits of the Classified when overclocking unless you come in with some serious cooling!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35666 15 Sep 2014 21:30
With the LAN hitting right after the Intel and AMD launches I nearly forgot to publish our coverage of the EVGA X99 Classified. Check it out!

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