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From the front of the box I can tell that EVGA hasn’t changed much on their packaging. They keep things simple and easy. In this case the easy is easy to read, because the name is plastered in huge letters across the front of the box. On the back there is a small specification listing as well as a key features list. There are photos of the board itself from two different angles as well as a screenshot of the UEFI. I was a little surprised they didn’t feature any specific features like most other manufactures do on the back of their boxes to help teach people about what their boards do.

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Inside the box, a huge pile of accessories and all of the documentation greet you right away. I love that EVGA bags each of their accessories up in their EVGA branded bags. They also put the name of each accessories right on the label should you wonder what something is. As for the documentation, you get a specification and installation guide book and then a second “part 2” installation guide book. EVGA also includes a driver DVD as well as a metal case badge.

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With a total of 10 SATA connections on the Classified I was a little disappointed when I saw they only included six actual cables. They are all black, so they have that going for them, otherwise it would be nice if they included one for every connection.

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Like the Asus motherboard and the Z97 Gaming 9 from MSI the Classified comes with a cover for its rear I/O panel. Unlike Asus though, the panel is all metal. I like the idea of this because not only does it clean up the look of the board a little, but it is also a little extra protection for your rear audio plugs as well.

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The smaller bundle of cables on the right in the picture below is actual a Probelt cable that is used for checking voltages on your motherboard with a multimeter. I was recently trying to double check a voltage on our video card test bench and the board uses small pads that you touch to get a reading. Those small pads are hard to keep your meter on, especially when you look away to check the reading. This little bundle of wires has special connections on the end that are designed for your multimeter, the other end plugs directly into the board.

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I love all three of the SLI bridges they include with the Classified. With a lot of manufactures, they save money here and go with that ugly bronze color but EVGA has always included all black bridges to match their boards. It’s a small touch, but it looks worlds better when you are running multiple video cards to not have weird bridge that doesn’t go with anything in your build. The longer cables are GPU Link cables. There are just small double pin cables that you hook up to your EVGA video card and then to the motherboard to allow you to tweak the video card in the BIOS along with your motherboard settings.

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EVGA included a rear mounted PCI slot USB 3.0 adapter for those that don’t have USB 3.0 built into their case.

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To be honest, I was a little shocked when I saw the rear I/O panel for the Classified. With this being such a high end board I was really expecting something special here, especially considering EVGAs attention to detail when it came to things like the SLI bridges. You get the most basic I/O panel cover possible with it being all silver and using the small annoying metal springs. I would love to see them go with a blacked out I/O panel to match the rest of the board. The only reason I can see them not going with that is because this board is focused more towards the overclocking market that will be running it on a testbench.

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With the LAN hitting right after the Intel and AMD launches I nearly forgot to publish our coverage of the EVGA X99 Classified. Check it out!

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