Full disclosure, performance testing motherboards these days really just confirms that the motherboard does what it should do than show performance differences between motherboards. The reason for this is because nearly everything that could make a difference in these performance numbers is handled by the CPU or by the chipset, both things that all of the motherboards we will test share. Because of that I have lowered the number of overall performance tests once again and focused on more subsystem tests for things that can change from motherboard to motherboard (although we had an issue with audio testing this round that prevented me from being able to include them this time around). As I test more Z97 boards you will be able to compare the numbers but I expect them to be very close. What we can see below though is that a rig using a GTX 780, i7-4770K, and the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 throws down great performance numbers!


MSI Z97 Gaming 5

Overall Score 8714

Graphics Score 9784

Physics Score 11082

PCMark 8

MSI Z97 Gaming 5



MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Bioshock Infinite

MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Tomb Raider

MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Hitman: Absolution

MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Sleeping Dogs

MSI Z97 Gaming 5



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Reviews have been leaking out all over the place for the past week. Today is the "official" Z97 launch day. Check out MSI's latest gaming motherboard

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