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Over the past few years MSI has really been working hard on their software and UEFI BIOS. Last year I was really impressed with both but there were a few weird quirks with the BIOS. Going into the software and UEFI testing I was excited to see what they have done to improve things even farther. Starting with the software the overall design is the same but with a few small changes including the constantly updating CPU temperature in the top right corner of every page. You get the same features that I loved previously like the built in RAMDisk support, OC Genie, and all of the overclocking options. All in all there isn’t much more that I can see MSI adding to this software short of maybe the USB 3.0 boost that I love from Asus.

Booting into the UEFI we once again have the ability to navigate using your keyboard or mouse. The UEFI design looks just like last year’s UEFI and truth be told I didn’t see to many major changes. This wasn’t a big deal because the design is fairly easy to navigate. My only complaint is the weird quirk with navigating with the scroll wheel. When scrolling if you move your mouse and it hovers over an option, it will reset the location of the “curser”. You can see an example of this at near the 1:40 in the video below. MSI did fix the issue I had before where backing up would take you all the way back to the beginning so I can’t complain too much. You do get a UEFI with nearly every option you can think of and things like the board explorer are a nice addition as well.


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